1 Pattern & A Little Something Extra by nooy, 2 Variation Style From 1 Pattern - Japanese Sewing Pattern Book 7 by JapanLovelyCrafts, via FlickrThe low waist, high waist, long or short wide pants are all very fashionable. It’s just that you know your body in one condition. There are some wider trousers that, no matter how stylish and high quality it is, or how well it is combined, the combination can still strange on you. For example, if the neck is short, we do not offer long cut pants. Even if you are a bit confused to make patterned trousers with a lot of cuts, the combination of one simple top or the same piece makes your job easier. When you look at short types of wide-cut pants models, you can combine them with a very everyday and sporty style. You can also combine with a straight shoe if you think that your height is enough for it.


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